Nazarene Halacha (Ebook, Downloadable)   $3.50

Nazarene Halacha (Ebook, Downloadable)
Who were the Nazarenes of the first century? What did they believe, and why is the "Hebraic Roots Movement" of increasing interest? What is significant about the use of the "Sacred Names", and what can we learn from keeping kosher, resting on Shabbat, and memorializing the Feasts of Leviticus 23? Is there a proper place for traditions, and is Judaism still committed with the responsibility of interpreting the Bible?

Does Paul's teaching about celibacy contradict the Law of Moses, and what are we to make of "righteous" kings engaging in plural marriage throughout the Old Testament? Are women's head-coverings required for worship, and what about beards and long hair on men?

What is the proper method of baptism or becoming "ordained"? Can we trust the New Testament? What was the faith once delivered, and why have so many forsaken it?

This downloadable ebook answers these questions and many more, establishing a foundation for a return to the original teachings of Messiah Yahshua.

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