The Real Messiah - by MattithYah Coover (Ebook, Downloadable)   $7.50

The Real Messiah - by MattithYah Coover (Ebook, Downloadable)
2,000 years ago a man appeared in Galilee; an individual both loved & hated, considered king & imposter, saint & blasphemer, his birth attributed as miraculous & scandalous at the same time. His name was pronounced in Hebrew as Yahshua, though for reasons obscured in history he came to be identified as Jesus in the English translations of the Bible. After his burial some professed his body to have been stolen, deepening the mystery of who he was, while other’s professed to have been eyewitnesses to his resurrection in fulfillment of prophecy. Bible scholars suggest he received recognition as the promised Messiah by nearly half of his contemporary Jewish brethren, and his philosophy has now been embraced by one third of the world’s population. Yet today there exists a chasm between the Christian Jesus and the Hebrew Yahshua from which he originally emanated. This e-book, identical to the printed version except readable from your computer or tablet, introduces the Real Messiah who walked in Nazareth, illuminating the reality of His teachings as they harmonize with the Hebrew Scriptures.

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