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Rivqah has written "Guardians Of Our Children's Souls" because of her love for the children in her life and the children in your life. Rivqah's heart beats with a multi-generational purpose and vision, and it is her prayer that yours does as well. It is her hope and prayer that Yahweh will use the pages in this volume to strengthen and inspire you, and to increase your vision.

“Guardians Of Our Children’s Souls” is actually not one book, but a series composed of four books which are all included in one 250+ page volume. Rivqah has a passionate desire to see the future generations rise up faithful and true, and it has been with this desire that she has worked on and off over the past three years on "Guardians Of Our Children's Souls".

The first book in the series is called "The Cultivation Of A Child's Heart", and focuses on specific character qualities we should aim to cultivate in our children, as well as the Scriptural reason for cultivating our children.

The second book, "The Worth Of A Child", challenges the reader to have a Scriptural vision, and elaborates beautifully on the priceless value of children.

"The Worth Of A Child" is followed by "The Potential Of A Child", a book which draws the reader's attention to the fact that Yahweh has a plan for each one of His children, and gives practical advice on how to prepare our children to embrace the plans He has for them.

The last book in the series, entitled "The Soul Of A Child", focuses on the eternity Yahweh has placed within our children, and on our duty to preserve that eternity. This book faces many of the world's deceptions head on, and presents solid Scriptural evidence to refute these deceptions. The first half of the book deals extensively with Scriptural reasons for discipline and methods of correction, and the latter half focuses more on loving our children and earning their respect.
These four books are followed by some additional encouragement, as well as suggested resources.
This is a book for parents... for grandparents... for aunts and uncles... for young adults... for anyone with children in their lives. If you care about the generations to come, read “Guardians Of Our Children’s Souls”. Rivqah's prayer is that her children and yours will spend eternity together.

A free copy of the music CD "Legacy" is included with "Guardians Of Our Children's Souls".
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