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Common Lawful Marriage
This new booklet "Common-Lawful Marriage: Unalienable Right & Divine Obligation" from Real Messiah Press, provokes each individual to seriously re-think the Scriptural requirements regarding a life-long committment between one man and one woman as husband and wife, to physical faith and fidelity. Understand first that a "license" encompasses permission to engage in an otherwise illegal and unlawful activity, and realize that not only is marriage a spiritual type of Yahshua's relationship with Israel, and the fruit of the womb an unestimable gift, but as a Scriptural command and divine obligation, also a constitutionally protected religious right not subject to government licensor and secular regulation by an unscriptural State! Includes both constitutional and conscientious objections to the state marriage licensing system, as well as the common-lawful (and completely legal) alternative (documented with binding Case-Law and Federal Codes in support of unlicensed ceremonial marriages, instructions for securing legal name-change, official recognition, and protection for both parties, and an example of the author's properly executed common-lawful marriage covenant. Also answers the question entirely from Scripture, "What do I do if I already applied for a marriage license?" (Contains 30 well-researched pages, and thoroughly footnoted.)
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