A Real Messiah: Hebrew Yeshua or Greek Jesus?   $9.99

The Real Messiah: Front Cover
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The real Messiah was a Jew. The real Messiah taught in Jewish synagogues and the real Messiah was accepted by myriads of Jewish believers in the first century. The Real Messiah taught from Torah scrolls and his teachings harmonize flawlessly with the Hebrew Scriptures.

The Hebrew Yeshua was reformed into a Greek Jesus by Roman Catholicism, blending core Messianic Jewish beliefs with ancient mythological legends, and many elements of that distortion were carried over by reformers into Protestant Christianity.

The distortion of the Real Messiah proved much more popular than the Real Messiah's original teachings and the new Messiah, Jesus Christ, more closely resembles the antichrist figure warned about in the New Testament, than the Real Messiah foretold by the Old Testament prophets and expected by the Hebrew sages.

This book introduces the Real Messiah who walked in Nazareth, and invites you to compare your sincerely held beliefs to the original basis for Messianic belief which is revealed to us in all 66 books of the Bible.


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