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2,000 years ago a man appeared in Galilee; an individual both loved and hated, considered king and imposter, saint and blasphemer, his birth attributed as miraculous and scandalous at the same time. His name was pronounced in Hebrew as Yahshua, though for reasons obscured in history he came to be identified as Jesus in the English translations of the Bible. After his burial some professed his body to have been stolen, deepening the mystery of who he was, while others professed to have been eyewitnesses to his resurrection in fulfillment of prophecy. Scholars suggest he received recognition as "Mashiyach" or the promised Messiah by nearly half of his contemporary Jewish brethren, and his philosophy has by this point been embraced by over 1/3rd of the world's population. Yet today there exists a chasm between the Christian Jesus and the Hebrew Yahshua from which he originally emanated.

The Real Messiah came restoring creation with the Creator, not reforming it; clarifying His fathers will, not corrupting it. Naysayers scoffed but the Nazarene succeeded. Bar Kochba rebelled; Aryeh Kaplan questioned; but only the Real Messiah redeemed. Many others failed where only the Real Messiah fulfilled.

But did the Real Messiah who was born of a young Jewish girl really have a Greek name, and was He who claimed to restore true faith, in contrast to all the prophets before Him, truly only chronicled in a language riddled with the names of pagan deities? Did He who claimed fulfillment of 4,000+ years of Messianic prophecy by Israel's sages honestly support the disintegration of the law and replacement of Israel with Gentile Christianity? Was Peter the first pope, and did Paul contradict the customs of Moses, or are these all deceptions which sprang from a much later source?

Is "Elohim Echad" as Judaism maintains, or did a Savior pre-exist as a "member of a holy trinity", and is there any veracity to be found in the New Testament's account of a "virgin birth"?  Did the Messianic prophecies of Daniel 9:25,26 really fail as the rabbinical writers claim, and do those who seek to study and interpret them today remain under the Sanhedrin's uttered curse? This website answers these questions and more, introducing Yahshua of Nazareth as that Real Messiah foretold by the Law, the Psalms, and the Prophets, examining the evidence of his Messianic claims, and illuminating the reality of his teachings and identity as they harmonize with the Hebrew Scriptures.

At your fingertips is a resource of information which refutes not only Christian dispensationalism, anti-semitism, and associated replacement theologies which teach that "God replaced the Jews with the Church", but also responds to the antimissionaries such as Outreach Judaism, Aryeh Kaplan's "Real Messiah", and Nehemia Gordon's "Hebrew Yeshua Vs. The Greek Jesus". Explore the unbiased facts which, although they may indeed reveal "basis for a bias" against the contemporary Jesus, also expose the inaccuracy of Jewish allegations against the Real Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth. The Real Messiah dispells the fiction with solid Scriptural and historical facts, and we are here to help you depart from manmade religious traditions and return to the true teachings of Abraham, Moses, Messiah, and the apostles - teachings which are as old as the world itself, and upon which true faith is ultimately founded.   Others have done it, and ARE doing it TODAY.  You too CAN return to the faith once delivered.
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