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Water Baptism: Not A New Testament Invention Topic: Hebrew Roots
Baptism was performed before John the Baptist's time by Hebrew priests in the Old Testament to bring about the removal for sin, and in the Hebrew language, this is known as "mikvah" or immersion. Water immersion is Torah-based - not a New Testament invention.
Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016
The Steps of Salvation (As Found In The Hebrew Scriptures) Topic: Hebrew Roots
From Matthew through 2nd Peter “the Scriptures” are mentioned 52 times. What Scriptures before the New Testament was even written? And what did Paul mean by saying they were able to "make us wise unto salvation"?
Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016
Are You In Touch With The Savior? Topic: Hebrew Roots
Have you heard before of the Messiah? If so, what do you really know about Him? What do you think He expects of you? If you're in touch with the Savior, do you know who the real Messiah really is?
Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016
Why Works Are A Requirement Of Real Faith Topic: Hebrew Roots
In Hebrew the word for grace is CHESED and means mercy, kindness, or faithfulness. Most Christians readily concede Yahshua was full of grace, but they forget about the Torah. But in the Psalms David writes: "Remove me from the way of falsehood and GIVE ME GRACE WITH YOUR TORAH. Your GRACE has FI...
Published: Friday 16 December, 2016
Why Western Christianity Was Not The Original Faith Topic: Hebrew Roots
Traveling back in history - before the time of Hadrian, Constantine, and the many church fathers - we find that the Messiah's first followers were actually not known as Christians, but Nazarenes, because they followed YAHSHUA, the Messiah from Nazareth.
Published: Thursday 15 December, 2016
Real Messiah? What's Wrong With Jesus? Topic: Hebrew Roots
How did the one identified as "Jesus" in the Bible receive recognition as Messiah, according to Biblical scholars, by nearly half of Israel's first century Jewish population? And did he really found a new rival religion to Judaism called Christianity?
Published: Tuesday 13 December, 2016
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