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Yahweh or Yahuwah Topic: General Beliefs
The Eternal Being, as revealed to us in the Hebrew Scriptures, has identified Himself to us through the personal name, Yahweh, (YHWH, Yahuweh)....Yahweh is NOT a trinity, but ONE ELOHIM composed of numerous complimentary aspects which are ECHAD....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Yahweh or YHWHshua Topic: General Beliefs
Is the original and only Name of the Miltha (word, body or substance aspect of Yahweh) which was first brought forth or revealed as His Right Hand or Arm at work in Creation, and later as the incarnate Word or breath of His mouth, embodying a uniquely conceived "Son", in order to accomplish Israel's...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Ruach haKodesh Topic: General Beliefs
Is the Spirit or Character of Yahweh, and pictured allegorically throughout Tanakh as a feminine or motherly aspect of the Creator. Also synonymous with "Wisdom" or the "Bride" pictured throughout the Proverbs, it is through the soul or being of Yahweh (Fatherly aspect) and the wisdom or spirit of ...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
True Hebrew Names and Titles Topic: General Beliefs
We use the True Names and Terms when referring to the Creator, as they have been preserved through the Hebrew language. These are Yahweh/Yahuweh, meaning The One Who Exists or Eternal Being, and Yahshua, meaning Savior Yah or Eternal Salvation....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
The Creation Topic: General Beliefs
The heavens and the earth were created by Elohim "in the beginning" (Gen 1:1), and at some point thereafter (probably as a result of satan's rebellion and descent, became without form, dark, and empty. At this point, Yahweh renewed the surface of the earth through His miltha or substance, manifested...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
The Hebrew Scriptures Topic: General Beliefs
The Apostolic writings (New Testament) does not take precedence over the Torah (five books of Moses), nor is the Torah complete without the Messiah who is manifested to us through the apostolic writings, and who appeared as a bodily manifestation of the Torah and perfect Torah-submission....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
The Torah Topic: General Beliefs
The Torah is a schoolmaster, given by Yahweh to reveal His Messiah, and the principles taught by the schoolmaster remain true today...We experience redemption and restoration with Yahweh by believing and obeying the teachings of Yahshua, who is the favor and essence of the Torah, and not by our work...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Feast Days and Sabbaths Topic: General Beliefs
Because all Scripture is still in effect, Yahweh's Feast days and Sabbaths are still to be observed by His people. American "Holidays" in contrast, are satan's counterfeit to Yahweh's Appointed Times, being drawn directly from pagan ritual....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Laws of Clean and Unclean Topic: General Beliefs
Yahweh has provided certain animals for food, and others which were never intended to be eaten. The basic guidelines, found in Leviticus 11, are for our own health and well being, and it benefits us to observe the healthy standard which Yahweh, in His infinite love and wisdom has given us....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Circumcision Topic: General Beliefs
We take the stance of the apostle Paul in Romans 2:25-29...Circumcision, as a sign like water immersion or the wearing of blue tassels, is not intended as a method of acquiring salvation, but a reminder to obey Torah, circumcise the heart, and remain true to the eternal covenant....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
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