The Creation

The heavens and the earth were created by Elohim "in the beginning" (Gen 1:1), and at some point thereafter (probably as a result of shatan's rebellion and descent — 1Adam/Eve 13:2-5) became without form, dark, and empty (compare Isaiah 45:18 with Genesis 1:1 Hbr. Txt.). At this point, Yahweh renewed the surface of the earth through His miltha or substance (cf. Psalm 104:29,30), manifested to us as the Light at the dawn of Creation, and later as the anointed Mashiyach. He then brought forth life upon the earth in a period of six literal days, and afterward rested on the seventh (Genesis 1). The earth has maintained this present state of existence, supportive of human, plant, and animal life, for approximately 6,000 years, as evidenced by the Scriptural record, and supported by increasing scientific "discoveries". The "explosive creation" theory and its close relative, "evil-ution", deny the power and sovereignty of Elohim in their attempt to remove the Scriptural foundation (changing literal days to millions of years) from the very first verse. Yahweh's command in Eden was that all life forms reproduce after their own kind, (Gen 1:11-12,21-28) and the book of Jasher records that it was the children of Cain in their worship of hashatan (the adversary or prince of demons), which first taught the mixing of plants and animals (Jasher 4:18 cf. Lev 19:19, Deut 22:9), which leaves no room for "progressive creationism" or its many derivatives, claiming that Elohim “created” the world through an “evolutionary cycle”.

This article was published on Saturday 07 January, 2017.
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