Sacrifices And Offerings

Are instituted by Yahweh to make restitution for unwillful transgression (sinning by mistake), and under the Levitical Cohenim were performed in yearly, weekly, and daily intervals. Yahshua's death as the "Lamb of Elohim who takes away the sins of the world" (Gen 22:8, Zech 12:10, John 1:29, 19:37) brought about the climax of this cycle when He assumed the position of Cohen HaGadol (High Priest) after the order of Maltkitsedeq (Melchisedek – Psa 110:4, Heb 5:6, 7:17,21), to make perpetual atonement though the offering up of Himself. Where perpetual atonement through Yahshua's Blood is made, (Zech 12:10, Heb 10:12,14) there is no repeated sacrifice (Heb 7:25-27, 10:18). Regarding Ezekiel's prophecy of the third (and forthcoming) temple, any references to physical sacrifice refer to voluntary offerings of peace and thanksgiving, and the "Third Temple" refers allegorically to Yahshua in accordance with Revelation 21:22: "I saw no Temple (in millennial Jerusalem) for Yahweh El Shaddai is the Temple, and the Lamb."

This article was published on Saturday 07 January, 2017.
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