Redemption And Restoration With Yahweh

Is dependent on reciprocal love and belief, as evidenced by our submission to Yahweh's instruction or Torah, also known as "good works" (James 1:14-26). Yahshua made literal bodily atonement for sins committed in ignorance through his own blood at the stake (Zech 12:10), but to accept the atonement, we must repent, and turn from all willful transgression or disobeying of His commands (Num 15:28-31, Heb 10:26). Yahshua made atonement for sin committed in ignorance, out of his mercy, favor, and loving-kindness (see Acts 17:30), yet this by no means "un-does" any part of His commands (see Matthew 5:17). When we remain within the guidelines which Yahweh has ordained, keeping them out of love from a pure heart (1 Tim 1:5), we are securely rooted in Him. If we trust in our own righteous, however, and overstep Yahweh's guidelines, willfully committing wrong, our former righteousness is not counted, and we must then reap the consequences (i.e. death) resulting from of our choice (Ezekiel 33:13-19, Php. 3:11-14).

The call of Yahweh to repent and turn to Him is not only to the sons of Jacob, but to all nationalities, people groups, and individuals across the earth. Physical Israel is not limited to Judah, but to all twelve historical tribes, ten of which were dispersed and assimilated to become the "multitude or entirety of gentiles and christians" after the Assyrian captivity (Gen 48:16-19) and are now being regathered and awakened to their identity in fulfillment of Hebraic prophecy. The Nazarene Hebrews are those who have heeded the call to keep the Torah and accept Yahshua's blood-atonement, thereby becoming partakers of the renewed covenant. Notwithstanding, we are still a minority of earth's human population, for while many are called by Yahweh (Mt. 20:16, Jer 31:31-33, Isa 49:6, Lk 2:32, Heb 8:8-10, Jn 3:16) few have accepted his invitation (Mt 22:2-14).

The final ingathering will occur at the time when Yahshua establishes the Messianic Kingdom on the renewed earth (Zech 14:4,9), and those attaining the resurrection of righteousness rise to accompany Him along with the remnant who are still alive (Psa 104:29,301, Jer 32:37, Thes.4:16,17), as a "renewed city of Jerusalem from the Father, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband" (Rev 21:10) while He descends to the Mount of Olives, declaring war on the opponents of Nazarene-Yisrael (Zech 14:4). At this point in time, the prince of demons will be bound for one-thousand-years (Zech 13:1,2, Rev 20:2) and the reign of the Messiah will commence "to put an end to transgression, and to seal up sins, and to cover crookedness, and to bring in everlasting righteousness," (Dan 9:24, cf. Testament of Levi 5:13-26)

This article was published on Saturday 07 January, 2017.
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