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Modesty In Actions And Apparel Topic: General Beliefs
The call of the Almighty is to depart from the sins of the Chaldeans and spiritual Babel, that we partake not in her sins, including immodesty and the mixing of male/female roles and responsibilities....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Betrothal And Marriage Topic: General Beliefs
Betrothal describes a preliminary "hands off relationship" between two people eligible for and committed to marriage... Marriage consists of a commitment to faith and physical fidelity between only one man and one woman for their entire life....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Family Roles Topic: General Beliefs
That we might obtain a virtuous family and procure treasured offspring, our husbands must remain in subjection to Yahshua as they perform their role as the head of the family and home. Our wives likewise are to be keepers of the home and joyful mothers of children....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Sacrifices And Offerings Topic: General Beliefs
Are instituted by Yahweh to make restitution for unwillful transgression (sinning by mistake), and under the Levitical Cohenim were performed in yearly, weekly, and daily intervals. Yahshua's death as the "Lamb of Elohim who takes away the sins of the world" brought about the climax of this cycle w...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Judgment of the Nations Not Following Yahweh Topic: General Beliefs
"Today is the day of salvation" and "It is appointed unto men once to die, and after this the judgement", leaving no room for "a second chance", reincarnation, or purgatory, reincarnation. While passages such as Acts 24:11-15 suggest a resurrection of both the righteous and wicked for the sole purp...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Water Immersion And Repentance Topic: General Beliefs
Is a physical act of submission and cleansing, symbolizing a greater submission and spiritual cleaning where one's sin, uncleanness, and separation from Yahweh is removed as far as the east is from the west. Mikvah or immersion in Ruach haKodesh (the Set-Apart Spirit), is that which is necessary fo...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Redemption And Restoration With Yahweh Topic: General Beliefs
The call of Yahweh to repent and turn to Him is not only to the sons of Jacob, but to all nationalities, people groups, and individuals across the earth...The final ingathering will occur at the time when Yahshua establishes the Messianic Kingdom on the renewed earth....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Patriotism and Self Defense Topic: General Beliefs
We take the stand of non-combatant in the realms of war, as it occurs in our day, seeing that we are sojourners and strangers in this world; and citizens of a greater kingdom which is not from hence....
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Organizationalism, Religious Tyranny, And Spiritual Abuse Topic: General Beliefs
We believe that government has its proper place, and that we are to obey the laws of the land provided they do not conflict with the teachings of the Hebrew Scriptures. The purpose of a governing body is to maintain morality and order, and to protect against enslavement of the people. However, when ...
Published: Saturday 07 January, 2017
Are We Karaite Jews? Topic: Biblical Authority
We have major concerns regarding the ever closer association of certain key-Messianic teachers with the Karaites. We simply cannot learn the truth about the Hebrew Yeshua Vs The Greek Jesus from a religion who does not recognize He is Israel's lifeline last-days Messiah.
Published: Wednesday 21 December, 2016
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