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*The Real Messiah Rediscovered *The Real Messiah Rediscovered
Our most popular title introduces the Real Messiah who walked in Nazareth and reveals how his teachings harmonize flawlessly with the Hebrew Scriptures....see more
Book of Jasher Book of Jasher
Restored Names Edition of the Book of Jasher, cited in Joshua 10:12-13 and 2 Samuel 1:18-27. 160 8.5x11 pages, professionally printed softcover....see more
Common-Lawful Marriage Common-Lawful Marriage
Outlines constitutional / conscientious objections to the state marriage licensing system. Lays out a common-lawful (and legal) alternative. Includes Q&A and example of author's marriage contract. 30 pages with footnotes....see more
Examining Our Heart Condition Examining Our Heart Condition
This booklet urges each of us to examine our hearts and see if they are entirely pleasing to Yahweh....see more
Guardians of our Children's Souls Guardians of our Children's Souls
This book addresses character qualities we should aim to cultivate in our children. It emphasizes their priceless value and how to Biblically address discipline while simultaneously showing love and earning their respect,. It also offers advice on how to encourage your offspring to embrace the plans Yahweh has for them, and underlines a parent's responsibility in impart a Biblical view of eternity in their hearts....see more
Marriage And Family Marriage And Family
Marriage is to be holy and so is the family. In the current cultural climate, however, we see a great disintegration of both of these crucial elements of society as the family is being attacked, both from without as well as within....see more
Nazarene Halacha - Traditions and Tenants of Messianic Faith Nazarene Halacha - Traditions and Tenants of Messianic Faith
This book answers a myriad of important questions about the Hebrew Roots movement, Sacred Names, keeping Kosher, marriage and family, modesty, baptism, and how we know we can trust the New Testament....see more
One Blood One Blood
A serious look at the need for unity and peace among people of all nationalities, calling for us all to do our part in breaking down the barriers that humanity has foolishly erected. Full color printing, Written by Rivqah Coover....see more
Quest for the Calendar Quest for the Calendar
This 129 page book explains the Biblical Calendar by which the dates of the annual Feasts of Passover, Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets, Atonement, Tabernacles, Purim and Hanukkah are determined....see more
Shabbat - How Far Have We Strayed? Shabbat - How Far Have We Strayed?
A study by Mattithyah's father on the Sabbath - past, present, and future. A good booklet to share with those who tell you that the Sabbath has been done away....see more
Works of the Apostles Works of the Apostles
This book looks at the works and lives of the apostles to answer the question: What did the apostles really teach?...see more
Yahweh's Definition of Love Yahweh's Definition of Love
This booklet by Mattithyah's father explains how we can truly express our love for Yahweh in a way that results in relationship....see more

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